Mauchline Cherub Victorian Illustration Ware Thread Casket

Mauchline Cherub Victorian Illustration Ware Thread Casket
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Antique Mauchline Ware thread box in the Victorian Illustration finish. Shaped as a travelers trunk, this piece has the original cotton rope handles and paper bottom. Mauchline is a town in Scotland, about 11 miles inland from the west coast. The house of Robert Burns has brought fame to the town, and the wooden souvenirs produced to memorialize visits here were so popular, that other areas with attractions began contracting to have souvenirs produced here. This practice began in the early 19th century, with snuff boxes, and soon expanded to every imaginable small wooden item. Most had transfers applied to the surface, but some were worked by hand in Pen Work. These pieces became so popular that even tourist sites in America contracted for their production. Other types of Mauchline Ware had colored images of seaweed, flowers and ferns, or patterned paper surfaces. These are more rare than the transfer print pieces. Very highly collected. According to Trachtenberg and Keith in their book, Mauchline Ware, A Collector's Guide , This finish differs from other chromolithograph finishes in that it lacks a motto, a transfer, a saying or a spray of flowers. The chromos also carry themes that "paint a portrait of the Victorian world that is romantic and child-like, perfectly capturing and reflecting the artisitic and social sensibilities of the time. " 2" x 3 1/2", the dome topped piece bears a chromolithographic illustration of a young girl spinning, which has apparently enamored her to her young companion, who is whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Cupid looks on approvingly as he spins the wheel for her. On the interior surface of the lid is a label for Ashworth's Machine Cotton. A lovely and charming Mauchline Ware piece.
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