Mauchline Cedar Ware Thread Box

Mauchline Cedar Ware Thread Box
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As detailed in Trachtenberg and Keith: MAUCHLINE WARE, A Collector's Guide,this dark finished form of Mauchline Ware is known as cedar ware, since it is, in fact, made from cedar wood. Most of the examples found are associated with the Lake Districts of England, which were popular tourist destinations at the time. This form of Mauchline Ware is much less common than the lighter sycamore finish, and the gold stamped examples are even more rare. Menton is a large and dynamic seaside town in France. The town is full of old buildings, beautifully restored. A good example being the colorful buildings around the Place Ardoino, including the Hotel de Ville (town hall). The old town, le Vieux Menton, has an active pedestrian area, with the long Rue St Michel running the length of it and the Rue Piéta joining, full of shops of all sorts and terrace cafés - although the rest of the town doesn't really lack for these amenities either. The real heart of le Vieux Menton is the Medieval style buildings grouped around the Eglise St Michel and the Chapel de Pénitents Blancs at the top of the hill. Viewed from the sea front at the east, this area has the appearance of a hilltop perched village. The streets are narrow, with long step-streets and many very colorful old buildings. There are many things to do in Menton, including museums, gardens, frequent pecial events (such as the February Lemon Festival), not to menton the seaside and beach activities. And when the sun is well down, there's a rather grand casino along the seaside near the center of Menton. Perhaps not as grand as the one in Monaco, but you could loose your money just as fast here as there. 4 1/4" square, this piece has THREE original labels, including a ram's head image on the box bottom, one each to the inside of the lid and the bottom of the box inside as well as the gorgeous pattern ware top. A true gem!ntique wooden ware piece that is a rare combination of Cedar Ware, Pattern Ware, and French souvenir ware.
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