Coquilla Nut Acorns Needlecase

Coquilla Nut Acorns Needlecase
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The needlecase is carved of coquilla nut and has a threaded top and bottom. Measures 3 7/8 X 3/4 inches with a natural separation to one end as can be seen in the second photo. The needlecase is ornately carved of coquilla nut, having a wood grained and floral carved body, and topped with a acorn adorned ends. Vegetable ivory is the term used to describe the dried meat of the nut from the Corozo Palm tree, Phytelephas Macrocarpa. When green and freshly picked, the meat is quite soft and easily carved, then dries to a rock hard state in a variety of shades, from ecru to beige. It was used as a look-alike but less expensive substitute for genuine ivory. Another tropical nut, the Coquilla Nut, is also used for carving sewing and desktop items, but is darker in color
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