Antique Ebony & 18kt Gold Tambour/Crochet Hook

Antique Ebony & 18kt Gold Tambour/Crochet Hook
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Antique tambour/crochet hook carved of natural ebony wood and having 18kt gold ferrules.  The shied that protects the tiny interchangeable hook screws securely onto the tail when in use to prevent loss and provide balance to the hook.  The tail screws off to allow access to the hollow handle for storage of extra hooks.  5 1/2" in length and in excellent condition.

<BR><BR> <Font Size=+2 Color='#0000FF'><EM>Tambour work is a form of embroidery executed with a small, pointy hook rather than a needle.  The hook is inserted into the cloth, and a loop of thread is pulled through from underneath.  The hook is then inserted again, keeping the original loop of thread around the shank.  Another loop is pulled up from underneath, and the first loop is slipped off the shank and over the new loop.  This process is repeated over and over again, filling the area with a stitch resembling chain stitch, but requiring much less time and effort.</EM></Font>.<BR><BR>

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